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  • Row Toxin’s Chinese herbal medicines is rigorous, with nourishing yin and liver, and blood circulation, suitable for men and women. The ingredients have their own unique health functions. Rhizoma Polygonum - nourishing yin and liver. Root of herbaceous peony - liver nourishing yin, soft liver and urgency. Peach kernel - lubrication of the intestines, conducive to bowel movements.
  • Mulberry scorpion - nourishing kidney and nourishing liver, nourishing blood and moistening dryness. Aloe extract - can eliminate the body's damp heat, clear liver heat, cool liver and get rid of the trouble. The composition of the whole party is a long-term use of common medicine and food tonic, detoxification and beauty agent .
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Rhizoma Polygonum, Root of herbaceous peony, Peach Kernel, Mulberry, Aloe Vera Extract

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