DEUBOTE Green Tea Supreme (60 capsules)

DEUBOTE Green Tea Supreme (60 capsules)


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  • Powerful anti-oxidation: The so-called oxidation of human cells is like iron rust, which is damaged by oxidative erosion. The oxidation process of the human body will produce a large number of free radicals. Scientists have confirmed that chronic diseases and aging are related to excessive free radicals. Therefore, antioxidants are the prevention of chronic diseases. The important power of aging and aging also helps to keep the skin young. The extraordinary green tea contains natural antioxidants 98% tea polyphenols and 50% catechins, and 2 capsules per day can provide daily needs.
  • Maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health: A number of studies have shown that catechins are beneficial to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and metabolism, and help prevent the three highs.
  • Optimize immune system health: Immune system health helps fight chronic diseases. Catechin can activate the self-destruction mechanism of mutant cells and eliminate abnormal cells.
  • Promote cell health: Tea polyphenols can effectively scavenge free radicals, prevent oxidative damage to cells, effectively delay cell aging, and prevent stubborn diseases caused by cell mutation.
  • Effectively repel moisture sensitivity: Allergic skin is caused by the immune system overreacting to the allergens. Normally, the immune system will only make a type of immune response to allergens, but due to exposure or ingestion of too much allergens, the immune system will respond. Type 2 immune response, mast cells produce a large amount of histamine, which promotes skin irritation, itching, and water seepage. The immune system will immediately respond to type 2 immune response even if it encounters a trace allergen next time; catechins can control Mast cells reduce the production of histamine, which can relieve moisture sensitivity and calm allergic reactions. For severe cases, it is recommended to use it together with onionin (pepperin) to produce greater synergistic effects.
  • Helps reduce weight: Catechin helps promote metabolism, convert fat into energy, increase energy consumption, and reduce the accumulation of fat cells.
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Green tea extract, Polyphenols, EGCG

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