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Especially targeted for the urban people's health problems, we designed a series of Chinese herbal tea bags, caffeine free, suitable for all day to drink!

 Yue Hwa’s merchandising team visit to the origin to buy the authentic Chinese herbs, free of heavy metals and pesticide residues, a guarantee of quality.

 Each production quantity is limited, in order to keep the Chinese herbs fresh, and their functions will not deteriorate in the shelf life, 100% Made in Hong Kong.

 The design concept of  “ Yummy Series”

Just put these Chinese tea bags in the hot water and cover with the lid for around 15 minutes, it is ready to serve. The Cantonese「焗住」means no choices, be forced, similar to those people working everyday. “Yum” means yummy, delicious, its homophonic to the Cantonese 「飲」, that means “drink”. We hope the people can drink something healthy at their workplace to get the balance of diet! And those funny Chinese Tea bags names would arouse the peoples’ empathy, to find the suitable types for themselves, colleagues and friends, prescribe the right kind of teas for their characteristics, make the encouragement!

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