NEW MILLENNIUM Energy Control Slimmimg Tea

NEW MILLENNIUM Energy Control Slimmimg Tea


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Highlight :
  • Cooling and dispelling heat, draining toxins from the body
  • Pu'er tea polyphenols, which are clear fat and oil, can reduce the accumulation of fat in the body
  • Replenish the spleen, relieve edema
  • Clear bitter cold, hot, rich in high-energy clear fat
  • Conducive to urinary unfavorable and habitual constipation, have a laxative effect, excrete toxins from the body, also can significantly reduce triglycerides
  • Flat heat and dehumidification, rich in tea leptin which accelerates metabolism and consumes energy
  • Nourish the diet, eliminate the meat, and is rich in fat-lowering enzymes to promote the consumption of fatty foods in the body
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Ingredients :
Lotus leaf, Pu'er tea powder (Pu'er tea, tea polyphenol), Cassia seed, Honeysuckle, Bitter gourd, Hawthorn, Melon skin, Light bamboo leaves, Maltose

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