Souper-Chestnut, Conch and pork Soup


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Highlight :
  • Specially select West African snails with heavier umami and springy texture, with golden and plump chestnuts and juicy and crisp Fuji apples for embellishment. The original taste of chestnuts and the freshness and sweetness of apples are suiting.
  • Functions: relieve dry tongue and throat, nourish yin and nourish kidney
  • Features: Low-fat, low-sodium, made from West African snails and Fuji apples, one of the most popular and best-selling products
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Ingredients :
Superior Soup (Water, Pork, Chicken, Salt, Modified Starch(E1442)), Pork, Apple, Conch, Chestnut(Tree Nuts), Carrot, Chinese Yam, Chinese Sweet Dates, Dried Longan Pulp

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