NEW MILLENNIUM Health Replenishing Tea

NEW MILLENNIUM Health Replenishing Tea


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Highlight :
  • Relieves upset, sleeps, rich in collagen, restores skin elasticity
  • Smooth blood, nourishing Yuanyin, not only tonifying the kidneys, but also promoting metabolism and anti-wrinkle
  • Remove skin melanin and moisturizes it, leaving the skin white and smooth
  • It is good for the kidneys, enhances the spirits, and tightens the skin against relaxation
  • With the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, it can reduce the anxiety caused by the pressure and reduce the pores, making the skin more delicate
  • Anthocyanin-rich grape seed is the current anti-oxidation material, enhances immunity and improves skin dullness
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Ingredients :
Ejiao, Ginseng, Polygonatum, Cordyceps, Honeysuckle, Grape seed, Sea buckthorn, Lily, Alfalfa, Peach kernel, Aloe vera, Maltodextrin

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