Tai O Special XO Sauce(Original)

Tai O Special XO Sauce(Original)


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The name of XO sauce is different from ordinary Chinese sauces, and the English word "X.O." is used as the name of the sauce. The X.O. grade cognac, which has been aged in wooden barrels for the longest time, has the meaning of high quality and luxury in Hong Kong, and the name expresses that it is a high-priced and high-quality sauce. In the market, XO sauce is often packaged into high-end seasonings, which are more expensive than other common seasonings. When preparing XO sauce, scallops and Jinhua ham are usually added, these two higher-priced ingredients, It can bring a unique umami taste to the sauce, but it also makes the XO sauce more expensive. That's why this sauce is called XO sauce.
Origin :
Hong Kong

Ingredients :
Vegetable oil, scallops (Yuanbei), dried shrimps (crustacean products), garlic, dried shallots, white sugar

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