Kale Shrimp Sauce

Kale Shrimp Sauce


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Sea shrimp paste is one of the commonly used seasonings in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. It is a food made from small shrimps added with salt, fermented and ground into a viscous shape, and then naturally fermented. The fermentation time of shrimp paste is more than 18 months. . The taste is very salty, and it is generally sold in the market after being made into canned condiments. Some shrimp paste is dried into blocks and sold, called shrimp paste or shrimp cake, which has a richer taste than shrimp paste. The nutritional value of shrimp paste: shrimp paste is rich in protein, calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin A and other nutrients. There is also a very important nutrient component in shrimp paste-astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is by far the strongest One of the antioxidants is called super vitamin e. The redder the shrimp paste means the more astaxanthin. Moderate consumption is good for the body
Origin :
Hong Kong

Ingredients :
Shrimp, table salt

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